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Phone: 07809 770180


Wedding Day Dressing Service

Your big day

The biggest day of your life has arrived; you, mum and the bridesmaids are excitedly chattering away as you have your hair and makeup perfected. The flowers have arrived, the photographer is buzzing around getting those emotive "getting ready" pictures and the cars are on their way. This is a magical time when all your planning and hard work is about to be revealed to your loved ones and beloved guests.

Dressing service

In all this excitement it's easy to overlook a detail, or to simply run out of time. My Dressing Service is designed with these possibilities in mind. I will look after you, your bridesmaids and your mum along with all your dresses. I'm there to help you dress, ensuring you look and feel amazing, making sure you are ready when you need to be, and that nothing is forgotten. All your dresses are corset backs? No problem at all, I've laced thousands!

Piece of mind

I come fully equipped with my sewing kit; so popped buttons, wayward flower details or any other small mishap are easily fixed while you remain free to concentrate on the excitement of your big day, untroubled by a minor wardrobe niggle.